POPIN Open Call 2013 – the photos

Do you still remember my entry about POPIN works…Here…to recall your memory

Well, the exhibition is closed on 12th January 2014. The Open Call drew 80 participants from various artistic backgrounds and practices in Singapore as well as overseas. I’m one of them…:)

Here are some photos from the exhibition.

960107_532010543563249_1980199808_nMine is on the top right.





More photos are from their FB page


Christmas Deco DIY

Spending money on Christmas deco/ornaments might cost you a big bulk.
But without all these items there will be no meaning of Christmas.
It’s like eating cupcakes without the topping. Hehehe…sometimes I just relate everything with foods.

But hey…here I found some DIY.

1. Christmas tree from books


Stack all your books to resemble the tree and add some LED lights

This is from my trip to the book fair recently. Too bad I can’t take close-up photo

DIY-Christmas-Decorations-17And here, I manage to found it for a better view.  Source here

2. Ribbon bow ornaments


Source here

3.Glittered bulbs

6b7ed977c376dcc8cb8268bac0ea6c3fSource here

4.  Glitter Bow Garland


Christmas is all about glitter…Source here

5.  Wrapped ball

christmas-ball-craft-1209-s3-medium_newSource here

6. Wreath Chandelier

chandelierSource here

7. Paper ice cream ornament


Source here

See…it’s all about creativity…

My POPIN works

Finally after a few week, i manage to finish my craft project for POPIN Project that i sign my self up without having any ideas how to stitch & never do it before. The post about this project can be read here. Feel relief and satisfied i can finish it before the deadline.

Well, nowadays nothing is impossible. As long as you have the desire to do it. There are always You Tube & Google to refer…hehehe…I can say, You Tube is my best reference to finish this project.

Here I represent to you my first ever craft project for cross stitch. The name for this project is Gladious. But I call it The Bouquet of Flower…hehehe


I got the pattern for this project from HERE. They have a lot of free pattern to try. I’m planning to try other project also. Now I can say i’m addicted to stitching…:)

The above works already posted to Singapore and will be displayed during the exhibition.

POPIN Project

I have read my friend posted a post in FB about joining a craft project called POPIN project. I just click the link and read futher details on the project. It’s about a crosss titch project. They are going to make an exhibition so they need help from craft lovers and all the works will be shown during the exhibition.


I don’t know what get into me and quickly sign myself up and email the registration form to them. Well, now i will have a few issues here;

1. I never do a cross stitch before

2. I have no idea where will i buy all those materials

3. Where to get the pattern

4. Where do i get the time to fully commit to finish the project

Ok, need to find a way and ask people…