Opening a new book: 2014

Just got back from my long 2 weeks Christmas and New Year leave. Means let’s get back to normal life…

Let’s start a fresh new year. May this year bring all the joy and happiness in our life and may all our dreams will come true…



The World’s Largest Floating Christmas Tree

It’s first day of December today. Yeah…it’s year end and it’s month of celebrations…
Like every year, I’m looking forward for Christmas day. This is the time for all families to get together. Every one will go back to their home town and celebrate this day. Open house here and there, visiting and eating session.

Today what attract my attention the most is the largest floating Christmas tree in Rio De Janeiro.
The tree which is 85-meter-tall artificial tree is the largest floating Christmas tree in the world
according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The tree is lit by 3 million microlights capable of several lighting displays and will be remain lit every night until the end of the year.




Images source: International Business Times