Trip to famous cake house

A few days ago, my friend from my university time is in town. So dining out is the only option to update each other. ¬†We haven’t met each other for about a year since she is following her husband oversea after getting married.

Before we heading back, we stop by at this famous cake house in the city. They are specialized in kek lapis (layered cake). Believe it or not the business is so good, they open from early in the morning until midnight. According to the owner, their cakes are so famous among tourists and local peoples.

Camera 360

See…the cakes are so colorful and artistic and the taste is even very good. Yummy…believe me if you take one, it will lead to second piece.

Camera 360

I don’t know, but i really like the flowers at the entrance.

Oh ya…will post the kek lapis recipe later…