Valentine’s Day Gift

Still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? Well here are some of the ideal gift that you can give to your other half during this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s celebrate this special day by pouring our love one with gifts and lovessss……..


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Dewi…She did it!

I started to follow Dewi’s journey in Miss World 2014 when my classmate keep on mentioned her name. Dewi used to be his class mate, so when he mentioned that his classmate has made it to Miss World every one in the class was eager to check on his so called friend-Dewi.

Undeniable she is very pretty and and talented in singing. Over the past Miss World 2014, she didn’t won’t miss world title but she brought back home Miss Talent Miss World 2014. We are so proud of her as she is the first who brought back a title (though not the main title). It’s ok Dewi…you are awesome!

 10847951_1518313818418893_751310907776597125_nSource: Dewi’s fanpage

Hunting for floral print dress

I’m no doubt is Sex And The City no.1 fan. I have the collections of the drama series and the movie. Even i have the book. I love all four ladies; Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. They are crazy, fun, strong women, fashionable, independent etc……

I like the crazy out fit, accessories and fashion especially Carrie. Sometimes her outfit is over the top. Some thing that you can’t imagine that you will ever wear something like hers…but that makes the audience fall in love with her. That make them glued to the screen every time the series are aired.

There will be some get together with family members for this coming festive celebration. I haven’t buy anything for quite sometime that resulted my wardrobe is so outdated. Nowadays I always opted for basic outfit. Blouse with a pair of jeans or black legging or just simple pants. So right now i’m determine to wear something that I seldom wear. A floral print dress inspired by Carrie Bradshaw.



Now…do you get what i mean?

I do some searching for benchmark before i proceed with the dress hunting.






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