My POPIN works

Finally after a few week, i manage to finish my craft project for POPIN Project that i sign my self up without having any ideas how to stitch & never do it before. The post about this project can be read here. Feel relief and satisfied i can finish it before the deadline.

Well, nowadays nothing is impossible. As long as you have the desire to do it. There are always You Tube & Google to refer…hehehe…I can say, You Tube is my best reference to finish this project.

Here I represent to you my first ever craft project for cross stitch. The name for this project is Gladious. But I call it The Bouquet of Flower…hehehe


I got the pattern for this project from HERE. They have a lot of free pattern to try. I’m planning to try other project also. Now I can say i’m addicted to stitching…:)

The above works already posted to Singapore and will be displayed during the exhibition.


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