Valentine’s Day Gift

Still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? Well here are some of the ideal gift that you can give to your other half during this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s celebrate this special day by pouring our love one with gifts and lovessss……..


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happy new year

happy new year everybody…i think it’s not too late to wish.

so for this new year, open a new book, study harder work harder and most importantly stay healthy (self-reminder) hehehe…

this year gonna be a tough year so be prepared….


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a treat for a hot sunny day

the weather right now keep on changing. today it’s hot sunny day and the next day will be rainy and wet for the whole day…it’s good when it’s rainy and have a lazy day during the weekend. but, gosh…can’t stand the traffic jam. automatically there will be a massive traffic jam after/during rain.

on the other hand, sunny day will be very hot. like in an oven…

treat my self for a tub of ice cream. it didn’t help a lot but it’s all good to have it’s coldness to reduce some ‘heat’…’

Weekend for foods

Yehaa…I really enjoy weekend rite now…it’s like 10 more weekends to enjoy before WEEKEND-LESS life begin again…

Actually it’s  more to eating activity for every weekend. Been to my favourite places and people…:)

Here are some foods that i gulp down for the weekend…

Camera 360

Hokkien noodle

Camera 360

All time fovourite…ABC

Camera 360

Discover new drink…instead of normal teh tarik, opted for Teh Tarik Madras

Rainbow pudding caramel cake

Been wanted to try making this cake all this while. There are three layers of the cake;

Top: caramel,

Middle; pudding

and the bottom part is the rainbow cake.


Here are the recipe that i get from the net. Some of the steps i add and some of it i omit. So the recipe below is basically the one that i did. Turn out quite good and the taste a lot better hehehe…

A.  For caramel topping;

2 tbsp sugar
Melt the sugar on low heat until golden brown (caramelize). Put aside. Be careful the sugar
will be very hot.

B. Middle part: Pudding

1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 egg yolk
2 whole egg

C. Bottom part: rainbow cake

140 gm flour
2 tbsp condensed milk
70 gm castor sugar
3 egg yolk
135 ml water
1 tsp baking powder
45 ml corn oil

D. Meringue

6 egg white
70 gm castor sugar
1 tsp cream of tartar


1. Prepare part A
2. Mix all the ingredient in part B slowly. Don’t make bubble. Sieve and add into part A. Put aside
3. Beat all the ingredient in part C.
4. To make the meringue whip the egg white. Add the sugar gradually. Whip until soft peak. Add cream of tartar.
5. Add the meringue into part C – the cake part.
6. Divide into 3. Add the food coloring. I add blue, green and pink.
7. Ok the fun part: add 5 tbs (blue) into pudding, after that 5 tbs (green) and 5 tbs pink.
Repeat the step until finish.
8. Heat oven to 175 Celsius.  Bake the cake with water steam bath style for 1 hour 15 mins.

TIPS: After take out from oven rest the cake for about 25 minutes before flip the pan. Chilled in the refrrigerator for 1 hour.


My another fur friend


Don’t be fooled…above are not my cats…:)

Whole my life i will always have my own pets. Cats and dogs are the must animals in my family. We treat them as our own family member. Even better. Yes…much better.

They can step inside home with dirty foots, sit on the dining table (my cat of course), stole our foods even sits on our laps without any punishment. I know these are against what Cesar Millan teach in his famous show Dog Whisperer that aired on National Geographic Channel. I’m one of the fan of this show.

Do you still remember ‘my day maker’ post? Here is the link

Well my cat and my dog are best friends.


Camera 360

Usually when i came home from work these two creatures are the one who will be at the front door to greet me. Like, “Welcome home master. Do you have anything for me today such as my favorite biscuits?”

My dog will jump here and there until you hug or touch his head. While my cat will sniff my handbag and peek what is inside. Sometimes will crawl inside if i use a bigger bag.

283067_4523774773225_211179558_nAs a companion to watch tv

302862_4904153882465_309458472_nEnjoying the music

Some believes that having pets is a therapy in your life…

Blissful morning

What I need everyday is a good start in the morning then the rest of the day would be fine…:)

Camera 360A cup of coffee for me and tea for him

Camera 360Toast breads

Camera 360Ready to sent us off to work

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360Ok…you two off to work now while i will heading back to my crib to continue my nap…:)

Never fail to make my day…Oh ya will post another ‘my day maker’ later…