Christmas Deco DIY

Spending money on Christmas deco/ornaments might cost you a big bulk.
But without all these items there will be no meaning of Christmas.
It’s like eating cupcakes without the topping. Hehehe…sometimes I just relate everything with foods.

But hey…here I found some DIY.

1. Christmas tree from books


Stack all your books to resemble the tree and add some LED lights

This is from my trip to the book fair recently. Too bad I can’t take close-up photo

DIY-Christmas-Decorations-17And here, I manage to found it for a better view.  Source here

2. Ribbon bow ornaments


Source here

3.Glittered bulbs

6b7ed977c376dcc8cb8268bac0ea6c3fSource here

4.  Glitter Bow Garland


Christmas is all about glitter…Source here

5.  Wrapped ball

christmas-ball-craft-1209-s3-medium_newSource here

6. Wreath Chandelier

chandelierSource here

7. Paper ice cream ornament


Source here

See…it’s all about creativity…