recipe 1

Bahan A
250gm Makaroni
Cheese Mozarella untuk Taburan
Bahan B ~ Sos Daging
4 Kpg daging burger – dipotong dadu (Ummi guna daging kisar 500gm)
½ tin cendawan butang (Ummi guna 1 tin)
250gm sos spaghetti prego
250gm air
1 labu bawang besar Holland – dipotong dadu
2 ulas bawang putih – dicincang
1 biji capsicum hijau – dipotong dadu (Ummi tak letak)
2 sudu besar minyak masak
2-3 helai daun bay (Ummi tak letak)
Sedikit oregano dan mixed spices (Ummi tambah mixed spices)
Garam dan gula secukup rasa
3 biji telur (dipukul sedikit) – Ummi Tambah
Bahan C ~ Sos Cheese
125gm Cheese Cheddar (Ummi guna cheese slices)
300gm susu segar
150gm air
1 ½ sudu besar tepung gandum
2 sudu besar butter
2 sudu besar lada hitam – ditumbuk kasar
Cara :
1.  Panaskan air, sedikit minyak dan garam hingga mendidih. Masukkan macaroni dan rebus hingga empuk.       Angkat dan toskan
2. Sediakan Sos daging ~ Panaskan minyak, tumis bawang putih dan bawang besar hingga wangi. Masukkan sos prego, air dan daun bay. Sukatan untuk air dan sos hendaklah sama. Kalau 1 cawan air sosnya pun 1 cawan. Kacau sebati. Masukkan daging dan masak hingga pekat. Masukkan cendawan, capsicum, garam, oregano dan masak lagi hingga pekat. Padamkan api masukkan macaroni dan gaul rata. Masukkan telur yg dipukul sedikit. Kacau sebati.
3.  Sediakan Sos cheese ~ Panaskan butter hingga cair. Masukkan tepung gandum dan kacau hingga tepung tidak bergentel. Masukkan cheese dan kacau hingga likat. Jangan bagi hangus. Kecilkan api masukkan susu segar dan air. Masak hingga pekat dan berkilat. Masukkan lada hitam kacau dan angkat.
4.  Macaroni yg telah digaul dengan sos daging tadi dimasukkan kedalam caserol dan lapiskan dengan sos cheese. Kalau guna Loyang lenserkan dengan sedikit butter. Mulakan dengan macaroni di ikuti dengan sos cheese. Ulang sehingga menjadi beberapa lapisan dan pastikan atas sekali ialah sos cheese.
5.  Tabur keju mozzarella menutupi permukaan sos cheese. Bakar dengan suhu 180C selama 45 minit sehingga Nampak sos cheese menggelegak dan permukaannya perang.
6.   Hidang ngan sos cili.

First day implementation of GST

It’s April first. The day of GST implementation in Malaysia. GST is referring to Good and Service Tax. There are a lot of talks about GST. Government said it’s good and bring benefit to the users because the existing tax system will be exchange with GST which is only 6% tax. Like other Malaysia, i’m still confuse with this new system. We are not the expert huhu…all we know is that all the goods’s price will be increase…Tough time ahead for sure…


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Hanis Zalika live proposal

Live proposal.

How cool is that. If you are that person what would you do/react when your boyfriend propose you during live telecast?

It will turn out ok & so…romantic if the girl accept the proposal but what if the girl reject it? How the guy will cope with the embarrassment?

Hanis Zalika has been proposed during live telecast recently and she accept it. So…sweet…

Dewi…She did it!

I started to follow Dewi’s journey in Miss World 2014 when my classmate keep on mentioned her name. Dewi used to be his class mate, so when he mentioned that his classmate has made it to Miss World every one in the class was eager to check on his so called friend-Dewi.

Undeniable she is very pretty and and talented in singing. Over the past Miss World 2014, she didn’t won’t miss world title but she brought back home Miss Talent Miss World 2014. We are so proud of her as she is the first who brought back a title (though not the main title). It’s ok Dewi…you are awesome!

 10847951_1518313818418893_751310907776597125_nSource: Dewi’s fanpage

Hate you

woman_angrySource: Google image

That moment when a friend who is in her first trimester pregnancy confess to you…

Friend: You know, I’m in a state that I hate every one.

You: Really…is that bad? Including your husband?

Friend: Yes….

You: So, do you hate me?

Friend:Mmm…but I have to talk to somebody…

And you went….so speechless…pregnant women is really something…

But it’s ok, they are carrying another human in their body…

Try to talk to her tomorrow. They will say you are the sweetest person in the world….:)