Study room ideas

Being a student at this age is not easy. Focus and attention are always not exist in me. I realize at the class although I don’t have 100% of those two at least I can get what is the lesson for that day. Well, if you must know being a student means you have to do your revision. What you always did to your kids after school? Homework and revision right?

After years of not being a student, at the moment sadly I don’t have any study room. Even a study table. I repeat STUDY TABLE. How are you going to do your reading/homework/revision? If you ask me my answer will be anywhere. At the bed-most of the time, at the dining table, couch even on the floor. Gosh…that is terrible. I need a study room or at least a study table. Even the most simplest table.

I found a few on the net for the ideas of my room future study room.

















Last but not least; the closet i can get in the nearest future…:)


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Mirror mirror on the wall

What is one item that you can found in every home? MIRROR…yes it’s. It’s on every wall in your house. It’s a girl’s best friend. Further more, adding a mirror in your space can creates a feeling and illusion of a bigger room. Here are some ideas in using mirror…


A Venetian-style mirror for the bathroom

DP_Berliner-dining-room-mirror_s3x4_lgAdding a mirror to small corner for the illusion of bigger space – the key are location and placement of the mirror


Floor length mirror to dress up


Unique design as a center piece of the room

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The Perfect Wardrobe

Lately I’m so addicted to Houzz. They have thousands of images that can inspired and give ideas to you to have your dreams deco/style/design…

So anyone who just started to own their own house or going to renovate should make this site as their reference.

Whole my life I dream to have a proper wardrobe. Do you watch Sex and the City series / movies? If you’re one of the fan you will know what I meant.

Here are some of the wardrobe that I like…

Urgh…the above photos are only can belong to celebrities with lotsss of money with some of them event have a wardrobe stylist.

Well here are some of the selections that are more realistic and can be own by normal people without any celebrities status.