First day implementation of GST

It’s April first. The day of GST implementation in Malaysia. GST is referring to Good and Service Tax. There are a lot of talks about GST. Government said it’s good and bring benefit to the users because the existing tax system will be exchange with GST which is only 6% tax. Like other Malaysia, i’m still confuse with this new system. We are not the expert huhu…all we know is that all the goods’s price will be increase…Tough time ahead for sure…


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Hanis Zalika live proposal

Live proposal.

How cool is that. If you are that person what would you do/react when your boyfriend propose you during live telecast?

It will turn out ok & so…romantic if the girl accept the proposal but what if the girl reject it? How the guy will cope with the embarrassment?

Hanis Zalika has been proposed during live telecast recently and she accept it. So…sweet…

New Year Eve Firework Show

What’s best to close the year and welcome a new year?



This firework break the world record for the largest ever pyrotechnic display on New Year’s Eve with a show involving more than half a million fireworks, and the display spanned 94 kilometers (58.4 miles) according to Guinness World Records

eiffel-toerEiffel Tower is showered with the colors and the piercing of the fireworks

fw-londoneyeMagnificent view at London Eye


Malaysia’s landmark Petronas Twin Towers