New addition to food list

It’s been a while. I hate to say this but every time saying that life is hectic is just like giving a reason for some thing. Don’t you think so?

Every one has their own obstacle, task and routine in life. So take it easy and enjoy life…

Went out and try the latest eating place in town.


Nasi ayam penyet. Fried chicken with herbs, varieties of vegetables and sambal


IMG-20140928-WA0002This is the latest edition to food list. First time tried it. Nasi kerabu with fried chicken. Too spicy for me huhuhu…Kerabu is ‘salad’ which contain raw vege and grated coconut…

So there goes my weekend…


Oinks! Oinks!

Oinks! Oinks!

That was where i had dinner.
Been wanting to go here so many time because there are so many review about this place.

From the name one can tell what they serve there.
If you are meaty person then here is the right place to go.
The portion is quite big also and you can share it with your partner.




Go check it out.

56, Tabuan Heights,
Commercial Center, Jalan Song,
93350 Kuching, Malaysia
Phone: 082-457 831

Weekend for foods

Yehaa…I really enjoy weekend rite now…it’s like 10 more weekends to enjoy before WEEKEND-LESS life begin again…

Actually it’s  more to eating activity for every weekend. Been to my favourite places and people…:)

Here are some foods that i gulp down for the weekend…

Camera 360

Hokkien noodle

Camera 360

All time fovourite…ABC

Camera 360

Discover new drink…instead of normal teh tarik, opted for Teh Tarik Madras

Indian food

Once in a while we will be craving for Indian food, either my hubby or me.
As a women I do understand sometimes we are craving for certain food. Blame the hormones. But I can’t get why my hubby also has that certain craving hehehe…may be after all we are just human…

Camera 360Chicken Briani

Camera 360Tosai (first time ever tried)

Camera 360Wash down with a glass of ‘teh tarik’

All the foods above a shared by two peoples…:)

The Seoul Garden

Once in a while me and my colleague will find a nice place and having lunch outside. A bit further from our office.

This time, tempted and desired to try how kimchi taste like we decided to go to Korean restaurant. Thus we went to Seoul Garden.

1The menu book cover is so nice

Camera 360This is what i order. It’s name is Bibimbab…

C360_2014-01-17-13-27-45-037-1The side dish

Camera 360You have to mix every thing before you eat it. It’s very yummy plus very healthy as all the components are rice and vege.

Absolutely will come again here…