A parrot and an old man

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Every morning when driving to work i will listen to my favorite radio channel. This morning heard about this joke…

An old man bought a parrot who is very clever and talk active. So when they arrive at home, the parrot talks non-stop able…It’s not just random rambling but the parrot keep on swearing. Startled by what come out from the parrot’s mouth, this old man just give it a warning in a hope that the parrot will stop saying those nasty words….

So day 1 past by. On the day two the parrot still keep on swearing. So on the day three, losing hope the old man warn the parrot again.

Old man: Dear parrot, you are undeniable very clever and talented. But you use your talent in a bad way. Good bird didn’t swear nor a human. I didn’t swear, so please stop it.

But the parrot just ignore it and keep on swearing non-stop.

So this time, an old man said, “Ok, enough. I swear if you didn’t stop it i will put you in the refrigerator. I’m serious this time.”

But the parrot still stubborn and keep on swearing on his face.

Old man: Ok, you force me to do this. Don’t regret it.

So, the old man took the parrot and put it in the freezer.

So in about 5 seconds, the parrot still swearing happily. Suddenly, the old man didn’t hear anything and after that he heard the parrot said on the top of his lung, “Please let me out!!! Please! Please! Please. I promise, i won’t swear anymore. Please let me out.”

So the old man open the freezer door and took the parrot out.

Old man: So, what make you change your mind.

Parrot: I promise i won’t swear anymore. I have saw what you did to the chicken. It was so horrible.

Old man: See…you know what will i do if people didn’t listen to me right?

The parrot nods, “Yes, yes, yes…i will listen to you.”

Old man: Good……

Hehehe…..i laugh unstoppable in the car…clever old man…



Wedding to-do-list

An important key for a wedding is getting organized. Without proper organize list your wedding will be a chaos and you will be exceeding your budget…i have experience this though i have prepare a to-do-list…so a lot of lesson learned here…And please delegates the task among the bride and groom’s team.

So here is a year to-do-list before the BIG day…

12 Months or More Before the Wedding

  • Announce your engagement to your both families and friends
  • Choose your engagement ring
  • Determine the style and theme of your wedding whether this be (formal, semi-formal,informal)
  • Make a list of what is important to you for a wedding this will help determine your budget
  • Discuss the wedding budget and who will pay for what
  • Decide on a wedding date and start searching wedding venues
  • Find a wedding officiant (the person who will marry you) and apply for the necessary licence’s

9 To 11 Months Before the Wedding

Begin your search for vendors:

  • Bridal Gown
  • Formal Suit Hire
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Live Music, Entertainers or bands (if needed)
  • Caterer (if needed)
  • Florist
  • Wedding Transport
  • Hair and Beauty Stylist
  • Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Wedding Cake
  • Shoes and Accessories
  • Wedding Lingerie
  • Venue Decoration/Chair Covers

If the vendor is available on your chosen date book them IMMEDIATELY! But please make sure to compare prizes among the vendors. Choose the affordable one.

  • Compile a preliminary guest list
  • Visit wedding fayres/look through bridal magazines, search the internet to gain ideas and inspiration for your big day
  • Finalise your wedding colours, theme and style
  • Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl and ring bearer and ensure they are aware of what their duties are
  • Choose and purchase your wedding rings
  • Begin looking at honeymoon options and discuss where you both would like to go

6 To 8 Months Before the wedding

  • Start planning ceremony and reception music choices
  • Start looking at invitation designs
  • If you haven’t already, purchase your wedding gown, veil and accessories
  • Finalise and order/purchase attire for your attendants

4 To 5 Months Before the Wedding

  • Contact your florist and finalise your arrangements
  • Order Wedding stationery(invitations, envelopes, order of service etc)
  • Book you wedding transport
  • Arrange accommodation for out of town guests (book blocks of hotel rooms)
  • Choose your wedding cake
  • Decide on your wedding decorations including favours

3 Months Before The Wedding

  • Order your wedding cake
  • Finalise your guest list
  • Meet with your wedding officiant to discuss details of the ceremony
  • Choose gifts for your attendants and parents
  • Groom and male members of the wedding party to arrange for a suit fitting
  • Reconfirm honeymoon arrangements
  • Start writing your wedding vows, if you are doing them yourself

2 Months Before The Wedding

  • Send out your invitations
  • Meet with vendors to finalise arrangements
  • Schedule a hair and makeup trial with a consultant
  • Start making/buying wedding favours
  • Finalise music selections for the ceremony and reception
  • If changing your name, complete the proper documents
  • Meet with officiant to finalise ceremony details
  • Reserve room for wedding night if not already done so

1 Month Before the Wedding

  • Meet with your photographer and provide a list of required shots
  • Start working on your seating plan
  • Decide and confirm your wedding vows and ensure your officiant has been sent copies
  • Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors as well as dates, times etc
  • Confirm Honeymoon reservations
  • Arrange for a final wedding dress fitting

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Finalise Seating chart
  • Confirm delivery time and locations with florist
  • Contact any guests you have not received an acceptance from

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Collect wedding gown, bridesmaid, flower girl dresses and accessories
  • Give final guest numbers to venue/receptions/caterer
  • Make sure the men have their final suit fitting
  • Reconfirm everything with vendors one last time

1 Day Before

  • Attend rehearsal (if you are having one)
  • Have a manicure/pedicure
  • Confirm wedding day transportation
  • Reconfirm hair and make appointments for the wedding day
  • Confirm all duties required with the wedding party
  • Try to get an early night and relax!

Your Wedding Day

  • Try to eat breakfast, even if you think you aren’t hungry. Anxiety will be attack and you don’t want to end up pass out!
  • Have your hair and makeup done
  • Begin dressing two hours before ceremony is scheduled to begin
  • Take a deep breath, relax and most importantly enjoy your big day!

Post Wedding Day

If you are due to leave for honeymoon straight after the wedding day you need to ensure the following:

  • Any formal attire such as suits that have been hired for the day are returned the next working day in good order to the vendor. (Perhaps delegate this task to the best man or a member of the wedding party)
  • Ensure the venue is aware of any table decorations or chair covers that have been hired for the wedding from florists or venue decoration companies are stored safely for collection to ensure any refundable deposits are returned.
  • Ensure thank you notes for any gifts or donations are sent out no later than 3 months after your wedding date


Source: Your Wedding

Wedding series

Hello…it’s november already. Just left a month until Decemberfor us to say goodbye 2014…

This month i have a special request from a friend. She is going to get married next year and guest what?
She wants me to make entries that are all about wedding. From choosing the wedding theme, wedding gown, cakes etc…
I loveee…wedding and of course i’m agree to do it…

So wait for my next entry…it will be all about wedding

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New addition to food list

It’s been a while. I hate to say this but every time saying that life is hectic is just like giving a reason for some thing. Don’t you think so?

Every one has their own obstacle, task and routine in life. So take it easy and enjoy life…

Went out and try the latest eating place in town.


Nasi ayam penyet. Fried chicken with herbs, varieties of vegetables and sambal


IMG-20140928-WA0002This is the latest edition to food list. First time tried it. Nasi kerabu with fried chicken. Too spicy for me huhuhu…Kerabu is ‘salad’ which contain raw vege and grated coconut…

So there goes my weekend…

Kimono cardigan, the new obsession

I would like to say my latest obsession is kimono cardigan. It’s very loose, comfortable and very trendy. You will always the options to wear a blouse, singlet or t-shirt underneath. And when ever you feel like you just want to wear the ‘underneath’ cloth you can always take it off.

For me kimono cardigans have a lot of benefit such as to hide that after meal bump…Yeap…this is so far why i like it! So far did an online purchase due to busy life. Not one. Or two…but three…Yes, i have never been these crazy over an outfit…



6_a105edbc-8873-4321-8857-b8ce3a5c01b5_grandeSource: www.milktee.nu

Below is the latest purchase. Waiting for the postal to be arrive on my front door…


sik8_0242-700x700Source: www.styleinkind.com


Look!!! What have i found among hundreds of stuff…it’s Madeleine Wickham’s books. Past few weeks i had made a trip to flea market. I lurveeee….flea market. Can get a lots of stuff over there.

Usually I always go to get fresh vegetables/fruits/fish etc…but on that day i accidentally stop at the second hand books/magazine stall. There…stack among the old used books, innocently begging to bring back home was Cocktails for three…it’s Madeleine Wickham or the other name which is Sophie Kinsella. She is my favourite author.

I have read all the books she wrote using the pen name; Sophie Kinsella. My favourite  of course the Shopaholic series. That are the best.

Ok, back to the story. Quickly i pick it. and guess what? underneath are another book from the same author. Grab that also and another one underneath is also another book. Without hesitation pay it directly. It’s a steal because it’s very very cheap…