A parrot and an old man

parrotSource: Google image

Every morning when driving to work i will listen to my favorite radio channel. This morning heard about this joke…

An old man bought a parrot who is very clever and talk active. So when they arrive at home, the parrot talks non-stop able…It’s not just random rambling but the parrot keep on swearing. Startled by what come out from the parrot’s mouth, this old man just give it a warning in a hope that the parrot will stop saying those nasty words….

So day 1 past by. On the day two the parrot still keep on swearing. So on the day three, losing hope the old man warn the parrot again.

Old man: Dear parrot, you are undeniable very clever and talented. But you use your talent in a bad way. Good bird didn’t swear nor a human. I didn’t swear, so please stop it.

But the parrot just ignore it and keep on swearing non-stop.

So this time, an old man said, “Ok, enough. I swear if you didn’t stop it i will put you in the refrigerator. I’m serious this time.”

But the parrot still stubborn and keep on swearing on his face.

Old man: Ok, you force me to do this. Don’t regret it.

So, the old man took the parrot and put it in the freezer.

So in about 5 seconds, the parrot still swearing happily. Suddenly, the old man didn’t hear anything and after that he heard the parrot said on the top of his lung, “Please let me out!!! Please! Please! Please. I promise, i won’t swear anymore. Please let me out.”

So the old man open the freezer door and took the parrot out.

Old man: So, what make you change your mind.

Parrot: I promise i won’t swear anymore. I have saw what you did to the chicken. It was so horrible.

Old man: See…you know what will i do if people didn’t listen to me right?

The parrot nods, “Yes, yes, yes…i will listen to you.”

Old man: Good……

Hehehe…..i laugh unstoppable in the car…clever old man…



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