Look!!! What have i found among hundreds of stuff…it’s Madeleine Wickham’s books. Past few weeks i had made a trip to flea market. I lurveeee….flea market. Can get a lots of stuff over there.

Usually I always go to get fresh vegetables/fruits/fish etc…but on that day i accidentally stop at the second hand books/magazine stall. There…stack among the old used books, innocently begging to bring back home was Cocktails for three…it’s Madeleine Wickham or the other name which is Sophie Kinsella. She is my favourite author.

I have read all the books she wrote using the pen name; Sophie Kinsella. My favourite  of course the Shopaholic series. That are the best.

Ok, back to the story. Quickly i pick it. and guess what? underneath are another book from the same author. Grab that also and another one underneath is also another book. Without hesitation pay it directly. It’s a steal because it’s very very cheap…




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