My another fur friend


Don’t be fooled…above are not my cats…:)

Whole my life i will always have my own pets. Cats and dogs are the must animals in my family. We treat them as our own family member. Even better. Yes…much better.

They can step inside home with dirty foots, sit on the dining table (my cat of course), stole our foods even sits on our laps without any punishment. I know these are against what Cesar Millan teach in his famous show Dog Whisperer that aired on National Geographic Channel. I’m one of the fan of this show.

Do you still remember ‘my day maker’ post? Here is the link

Well my cat and my dog are best friends.


Camera 360

Usually when i came home from work these two creatures are the one who will be at the front door to greet me. Like, “Welcome home master. Do you have anything for me today such as my favorite biscuits?”

My dog will jump here and there until you hug or touch his head. While my cat will sniff my handbag and peek what is inside. Sometimes will crawl inside if i use a bigger bag.

283067_4523774773225_211179558_nAs a companion to watch tv

302862_4904153882465_309458472_nEnjoying the music

Some believes that having pets is a therapy in your life…


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