Blew the blues from Monday

Got a question to ask? Who ever likes Monday very muchhhh???? If I ask this question to anyone there will be a lot of responses from them??? Ever got this Monday Blues syndrome?

“Urgh…Monday? I would be glad if there is no Monday in a week”

“Can we just skip this day?”

“I hope Monday is just like Sunday…No need to work on this day!!! Can we???”

There are among of the responses…After all human is just a human. World will be a better place if Monday is not in weekdays list. If that happen…so what would happen to Tuesday??? Will there be a, Tuesday blues??? Mmmm…it’s just sound wrong…Blues or not, it all depend on us how to tackle the issues…

Here, McDonald has something to lighten your blues from Monday…It’s all free. No purchase…no coupon…

All you need to do is, walk in to the counter and ask, “One coffee please…”. And don’t forget to say thank you with a big smile when they hand a cup of coffee to you. Because they will expect you next Monday for the whole month of January. Go grab your cup of coffee to the nearest outlet. After all it’s all free…


So this morning, motivated by the word free me and my colleague walk all the way (a few metres only from our office) to the outlet just for a cup of free coffee…tehehehe…


Go grab yours now…Ops…only in Malaysia

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