My Version of Potato Wedges

My other half is number one fan of potato wedges. Usually when we bought it, 3/4 of it will end up in his stomach.

Recently, he did request me to make it for him. My first thought? Is it do able? Who ever in my life circle ever make the potato wedges for them self? The answer is big NO. I never thought it before. It’s easier just to purchase it right?Why you have to make your life difficult for an easy job? And then, something strike my mind. There is always GOOGLE for every problem. Silly me. Of course it’s do able.  So…there, I search for the info. Easy peasy…as easy as A B C, i said to him. Potato wedges will be served for you sir…hehehe. Ok i’m kidding here. I’m still phobia to use my oven since the incident of my whole cake was burnt…


First step: Wash and peel the potatoes

Second step: Cut the potato

Third step: In a bowl, pour in just enough oil (olive oil or vegetable oil will do) to cover each wedge. Alternatively, shake them in a plastic bag to coat them in the oil. Then add in salt and pepper. You also can add other herb as what what ever you like.

Fourth step: Place the potatoes in a baking tray.

Fifth step: Bake in a pre-heated oven until both side are golden brown. Make sure you check whether it’s soft on the inside. As for me, to avoid the burnt case twice, i regularly check it like every ten minutes.

When it’s ready, serve with chili sauce or any sauce that your prefer. As for me i serve it with mayonnaise.


Happy cooking…


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