Foods You Can Eat After Having Teeth Removed

After suffering a week of tooth ache, finally I have made a decision.
I need to get rid of the teeth. That’s it.  It has to be removed. I can’t bare the pain anymore
So, yesterday off I went to the dental clinic.

After the teeth taken out, there were some bleeding. Plus I still feel numb. To make it worst, I’m super hungry. My saliva keep on drooling. Urgh…why I have to go through all this pain.

So I asked the doctor what food I can eat without having any pain because I can’t chew properly.
The doctor said I can take mostly soft foods and liquids such as porridge and soup with a condition the foods are not hot. Hot foods can cause more bleeding. I need to consume these kind of food a few days until the gum is healing.

Here are some foods that I found on the net other than porridge and soup;

1. Yogurt


2.  Baby food


3. Smoothie


4. Puree food

You can boil some potatoes, carrots and other veges and put in the food processor to pureed them with some chicken broth.


And other soft foods that suite your taste. Go Google them.

It’s important to take soft food until the gum is healed because any foods can trap in the teeth’s hole that have been remove which can cause an infection, swelling and further bleeding. One advice that the doctor gave to me also, please continue to bite the cotton if the bleeding is still persist and do not keep on spit your saliva because this can make the bleeding worst.

C360_2013-12-03-11-16-47-830The only things that I got after my teeth removed; cottons to bite & paracetamol…:)


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